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non-woven shoe cover

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product name: non-woven shoe cover
product number: JC-NSC030
Exhibitors: other brand
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non-woven shoe cover One-time use, clean, simple and convenient, particularly applicable to the hotel, sauna, Foot Massage, beauty salons, hospitals.

non-woven shoe cover  Detailed description

non-woven shoe cover,Disposable shoe cover, CPE shoe cover, dust-free shoe cover, shoe cover machine-specific shoe cover, plastic shoe cover, anti-static shoe cover, shoe cover, CPE shoe cover, dust-free shoe cover, shoe cover disposable, wear plastic shoe covers.Weight can have a different distinction: There are 2.5 grams; 2.8 grams; 3.5 grams.Material: CPE film, non-woven fabrics; Color: generally blue, with a good anti-static dust-proof characteristics.Advanced technology, beautiful and delicate, the pressure side of neat appearance, toughness strong increase rounded process, so that the shape of the shoe cover more in line with shoes.Disposable shoe cover products are widely used in homes, hotels, offices, workshops and so clean.High-quality, efficient service to customers.shoe cover Packing: 10 pcs / roll, 10 rolls / bag, 4,000 pcs / box.

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