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Pe-Sticky Roller

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product name: Pe-Sticky Roller
product number: JC-909
Exhibitors: other brand
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Pe-Sticky Roller Color :white ,blue , translucent Specification :general size 4”6”8”10”12”(also can be done as per the consumer request,but must have a minimum order ) Characteristic:convenient use .

Pe-Sticky Roller  Detailed description
Pe-Sticky Roller is a water-soluble polypropylene sour, the back gathers ethylene Mainly used for the specialized clearance dust of the semi-conductor factory, in addition to the dust result shows The product design become to incise to take a form, don't staying remnants gum, the roller head can replace, the product has the white and sky blue, transparent Application: used for profession and other decontamination of the semi-conductor production has no dust car to sweep cloth and woolen blanket, floor, work set, the product surface uses, the product suited for different work place.
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