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Silicon Roller

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product name: Silicon Roller
product number: JC-910
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a brief introdction

Silicon Roller Product Feature: Silicon cleaner is made of special adhesive rubber roller.It takes effects to remove dust and refuse without affection for the surface of the materials

Silicon Roller  Detailed description
cleaning roller,Silicon Roller,Silicon cleaner.
Key Specifications:
Features: 1) applicable to breadboard, pcb, lcd, smt, clean room, semiconductor etc for dusting. 2) sizes: 1", 2", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12". 3) color: blue, and other colour. 4) stickiness: high, middle, low stickness available. 5) stable raw meterial, that attests to durability, no ageing, no crumbs, antistatic, moisture resistance, damp-proofing, friction-resistant, pest-free, rust-free, pollution-free.with use of comfortable,rotate smoothly.
Product Feature:
Silicon roller adopt special adhesive rubber roller. It takes effects to remove dust and refuse without affection for the surface of the adopts a stable rubber composition that causes no secular variation, and is more resistant to abrasion than other materials. It reduces burden for workers, because of its light weight.
Product Specification/Models:
Variety models according customers requires. There are ABS handle, Black rubber handle and Aluminum alloy handle.
Application : Silicon roller is used in removing dust or particle of desk,or carpet or cloth.
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