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Disposable PE Arm sleeve

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product name: Disposable PE Arm sleeve
product number: JC-1004A
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Disposable PE Arm sleeve our disposable arm sleeves is useful ,soft,disposable, Economical,good,looking,protective many size and colors

Disposable PE Arm sleeve  Detailed description

Disposable PE Arm sleeve

Size:  20*40cm ,22*46cm.
Weight:range from2.6 to 4.5grams.
Color: white,blue,red,green.
Design:Smooth surface.
Packing:10pcs/roll,10rolls/bag, 20bags/ctn.
Usage:Offices,Food Preparing,Hotel&Resturant,Medical, House Cleaning,WorkPlace,etc.
Customer comment:Comfortable Touching, Good-looking,WaterProof,Suitable Price,etc.
Our products are mainly applicable to offices, hotels, guesthouses, home-use etc, which are easy-to-use, sanitary and clean, and low in price. We mainly produce and sell such products as plastic CPE, PE shoe covers, PE oversleeves, boot covers, aprons, face masks, disposable gloves, etc. Fine quality and low price. Our company  adhering to the principle of "customers oriented, quality first, small profits but quick returns,we welcome all enterprises at home and abroad and wholesalers to contact us by phone, fax or in person consultation.

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