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Disposable PE Full Bib Aprons

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product name: Disposable PE Full Bib Aprons
product number: JC-4020
Exhibitors: other brand
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Disposable PE Full Bib Aprons,full size bib type CAPABILITY: It's made of lcpe or hdpe,use for cleanness of home,test,food or defend of industtry or agricuture,haircut,tend and hospital.

Disposable PE Full Bib Aprons  Detailed description

Name Disposable PE Full Bib Aprons;Disposable Plastic Apron;LDPE Apron
Material Low Density Polyethene Resin (FDA Certificate)
Size 28"x46";24"x42",Other size will be custom-made at your option
Thickness 0.015mm--0.04mm
Color Clear,White,Blue,Green,Yellow,Red
Design Embossed or Smooth Surface
Packing 100pcs/polybag,10bag/carton;100pcs/box,10box/carton
Usage Food Preparing;Hotel & Resturant;
Medical Examination;House Cleaning;Wok Protection;Beauty salon,Hair Dressing etc.
Customer Comment Looks Great;Comfortable touching;Economical;Smelless
Competitive Price;Water Proof.
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