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Disposable non woven beard cover

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product name: Disposable non woven beard cover
product number: Disposable beard cover
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Disposable non woven beard cover widely used in hospital/hotel/industry 1.material:PP nonwoven 2.color:white,blue or others 3.size:16'' ,18'' ,21'' ,24'' ,26'' ,28'' ,30'' 4.weight:10g,12g,14

Disposable non woven beard cover  Detailed description

Disposable non woven beard cover
PP nonwoven material
widely used in hospital/hotel/industry
2.color:white,blue or others
3.size:16'' ,18'' ,21'' ,24'' ,26'' ,28'' ,30''
3.size:16'' 18'' 21'' 24'' 26'' 28'' 30''(for reference)
5.packing:100pcs/bag 20bags/ctn
6.certificate:CE ISO9001 ISO1348
7.material or other specifications available according to customers requirement.
We can mainly produce:
1> nonwoven face mask, dust mask, paper mask, nonwoven bouffant cap, nonwoven clip cap,
     nonwoven doctor cap,
2> nonwoven surgical gown, nonwoven isolation gown, nonwoven lab coat,
     nonwoven apron, coverall, PE apron.
3> PE gloves, latex gloves, vinyl gloves, nonwoven sleeve cover, PE sleeve cover
4> nonwoven shoe cover, PE shoe cover, CPE shoe cover, PE boot cover, nonwoven boot cover.
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