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Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser

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product name: Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser
product number: JC-817
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a brief introdction

Auto Shoe Cover DispenserNumber: JC-817,Installed quickly: It just need to put the whole shoe cover (50 pieces/box) into the shoe cover machine to finish installation quickly.

Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser  Detailed description

Shoe cover dispenser solves the problem of changing shoes or cover shoe cover by hand when people enter into a clean room.You just put your foot into the dispenser there will be a shoe cover cover your foot automaticly.It is suitable for family, hospitals, Computer rooms and factory. Now we have three materials outer shell:Plastic, wood and stainless steel.And we have two types of machine, one can load 50pcs shoe covers!
Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser Where to use:
 can be used in Medical system :Hospital, community medical centre, drugstore
Telecom system:Telecom computing room, switchboard room.
Education system :Computing room, Lab in Schol
Luxury residence section :villa and apartment
Transportation system:Computing room in airport and train station
Scientific research system:lab, scientific development centre.
Banking system:exchequer, bursary and computer room
Entertainment place:studio, hotel, motel
Industry system:electronic factory\food industry\chemical and military industry.
Distinguishing characteristic
•Devoted to maitain and improve of healthy and clean environment for customers including organizations and personnel
•Leading Home Clean-Keeping ‘Revolution’, Creating New Cleaning Style, Advocating Clean Lifestyle, Simplifying Your Clean-Keeping Work
•Provide a completely new service style for special industries and organizations
Our products have been sold to more than 15 countries, such as USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia and Italy etc.

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